Yala Adventure Camp

May you live longer Unsullied and heart full wishes of Sri Lankans well comes you. Yala Lake Camp Characterizing the nature in its purest form combined with finest luxury stay. Consist of luxury tented accommodations –at its finest and comfortable rooms.

We a troop with uncountable spirit of adventure who intervene to preserve and respect inestimable mother nature.

Place Enhanced our specialty and uniqueness. It’s a rural and unspoiled village call “ Weweyay” [Definition – Rage of Lake ], isolated from the hassle and bassle of the city. The Hotel risen up in a edge of “Yoda Wewa” [an ancient lake]. As surrounded by lush greeneryit makes a home to various kinds of endemic and indigenous birds. Our neighbor, picturesque “Yoda Wewa” blanketed with purple and white aquatic flowers year in year out. We are close to The Yala national Park, Lunugamwehera National Park and Bundala National Park. It’s particularly a hub to nature lovers.