Big 4 of Sri Lanka

The Famous Four of Sri Lanka! The much talked about Big Four – The Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera parades kotiya), Sri Lankan Elephant (Elephas maximus maximus), Sri Lankan Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus inornatus) all endemic to Sri Lanka and the Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) a regular visitor to the island’s waters are all celebrities in their own right.

The Big Four are definitely the big favorites of wildlife enthusiasts. Fortunately Sri Lanka has many destinations and many opportunities to observe these mammalian superstars as they take the spotlight in their natural habitats.

Large herds of Sri Lankan Elephants can be observed in almost all of the National Parks and Reserves as well as outside the protected areas. Nevertheless the gathering of Wild Elephants sometimes herds as big as 400 is something unusual, this unique display that’s one of a kind anywhere in the world, happens annually in the Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Leopard is everyone’s favourite! Take our word you can spend hours watching these feline beauties lazing in the bright afternoon sun with their cubs frolicking playfully in the open. They can be seen in most National Parks around the country but at the Yala National Park there is a greater prospect of seeing Leopard as this destination boasts of the highest density of Leopards anywhere in the world.

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, elusive, smart and sometimes feared can be popularly seen in the Yala and Wilpattu National Parks in addition to most other National Parks and Reserves. The handsome male bear will certainly hold your attention but the she-bear with her adorable cubs will certainly tug-at-your-heart strings.

The Blue Whale, the largest and heaviest animal ever known to have lived on earth is a frequent visitor to the Island’s ocean. Being fond of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean they just linger on for most part of the year, in three different destinations around the island. A trip out to sea will hold you spell-bound as you watch these magnificent creatures powerfully surface the ocean and then plunge back into the ocean with a mighty splash.

Be ready for a treat when the Famous Four take the center stage; get set for an exciting photo-shoot!


Welcome to Leopard country! Sri Lanka boasts of having the highest density of leopards in the world. Watch intensely as the family of spotted feline beauties appear from the jungle, sleek, slender and soft footed. Observe them feed, water and laze around with the cubs playfully enjoying themselves.


Be impressed the awesome Elephants are here! The Gentle Giants are an all time favourite with both adults and kids alike. Watch large herds of them as they socialize, feed, and cool off in the river. The adorable baby elephants frolicking playfully will no doubt tug at your heart strings.

Sloth Bear.

Shaggy Bear dressed up in its thick black coat is ready to be photographed. Watch the evasive Sloth Bear accompanied by noisy grunts as it comes out of hiding looking for something to eat and if you are lucky maybe the she bear too carrying her cubs on her back.

Blue Whale.

An invitation to share some space with the largest animal on earth! Head-out into the Indian Ocean, conquer the waves and wait patiently for that inevitable moment when the ocean breaks open for the lovable giants of the deep-sea – The Blue Whale as it makes its proud appearance.