Rural Farm Stay

Wellawaya Rural Farm Stay is an off the beaten rustic and eco getaway well away from the hustle and bustle form the city and towns. This is an ideal place for adventure seeking travelers to to live a in a working farm with many agricultural crops and see Wild Elephants in the comfort of your bedroom itself. This is a 30 acre agricultural land planted with Orange, Mango, Banana, Papaya and many other vegetables. The Eco Cottage which consists of two bedrooms, ground floor and upper floor lounges over looks a natural lake which is frequently visited by herds of wild Elephants. The guests could take a traditional canoe ride in the lake, go Elephant watching, fishing, working in the vegetable fields, riding a tractor, eating freshly prepared village food or even taking part in cooking are the experiences one could get here.

This is a complete getaway from the towns, so we can call it an escape. An ideal place for couples and families to spend 2 or 3 nights to experience an authentic rural escape. Expect no luxuries as this is a rural farm stay. The two bedrooms boasts of King size beds with mosquito nets and attached bathroom with open air shower.

And not to forget, this is one of the best places for the enthusiastic bird watchers and you can see nearly 30 varieties of birds in the land itself.

Safaris also could be arranged in an old classic land rover jeep in nearby Lunugamwehera Natioanl Park where you could see large herds of Elephants, Crocodiles, Spotted Deer and many varieties of birds.

Your stay includes accommodation in eco cottages, all meals, tea/coffee and local sight seeing in the farm land. We recommend minimum two nights stay.